Is it too early? Or perhaps…

We’re nearly into the second month of 2019 (already, I know!) time is flying but let’s not allow January’s hardest (Blue) Monday affect us! It’s time to check how those new year’s resolutions are coming along…

Was your list too long? Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there but it’s all about setting smart goals (easier than it sounds, trust me on this one!)

First things first…

Here at Datactics, we would like to kick-off this week a little happier, brighter and more positive by putting in practice a simple culture of gratitude.


Thank You

Thank You from Datactics

We believe this is extremely important and should be part of everyone’s list of goals for this year, it’s not hard to achieve and is realistically the easiest way (and cheapest too!) to add value and maintain healthy relationships within your business, whether those are clients, partners or your highly-skilled team.

It’s good to remember!

Last November, Eight Club was our selected venue where we hosted a sold-out Datactics Guest Summit 2018, an event that gathered our much-valued circle of clients, partners, industry experts and innovators to get an update on the latest advances in Data Quality and Matching, Industry-specific challenges and to network over drinks!

Last but not least…

We want to proudly share a video of the Guest Summit’s highlights and remind everyone who attended just how grateful we are for having you in our business and, for anyone who couldn’t make it: not to worry! With the fantastic feedback we’ve received, we will be sure to do it again in 2019 so stay tuned through our Newsletter because we will be sharing more details soon!



We would also like to give a special thanks to:

Happy Monday from Datactics!

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