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What is the cost of bad data?

16 September 2020

    With an increased demand for data, and with technology such as 5G making more information available than ever before, the risk that bad data presents is becoming increasingly common and dangerously frequent. Issues such as data duplication, missing data and ultimately the misuse of data cause a range of technology-driven problems; on the …Read More

Notes on a Webinar: Overcoming Barriers to RegTech Adoption

2 July 2020

  At the start of June, Marketing & Partnerships Manager, Matt Flenley was a panellist on an A-Team webinar alongside Sophia Bantanidis of Citi, Kayvan Alikhani of, and Patrick Boscher of With questions posed by Sarah Underwood, the webinar delved deep into views from different sides of the fence – buyers, sellers and investors – seeking to provide a broad understanding of the barriers …Read More

Focus On Retail Banking – Part 1: What is driving the need for data quality metrics in retail banking?

1 June 2020

This year’s London Marathon has been postponed to the 4th of October. Even if it is months away now, it still presents a titanic challenge that has long dominated the human psyche: the will to finish, to get over the line, to win.   The official app contains a feature to help friends, family and …Read More

The future is… accidentally biased?

15 May 2020

AI Bias Every now and then a run-of-the-mill activity makes you sit up and take notice of something bigger than the task you’re working on, a sort of out-of-body experience where you see the macro instead of the micro.     Yesterday was one such day. I’d had a pretty normal one of keeping across …Read More

5AMLD & Data Quality: New Regulation, Same Problems?

27 January 2020

With the EU’s fifth Anti-Money Laundering directive (5AMLD) having gone live on the 10th January, Matt Flenley took some time with Alex Brown, CTO at Datactics, to find out what implications there are when it comes to data quality. Firstly, what do you think are the biggest impacts for firms? Naturally we’re going to focus …Read More

Top 5s Just In: Money 20/20 Europe

20 June 2019

Money 20/20 Europe: Matt’s Snap Judgement     Fresh from landing back in Belfast, Matt Flenley takes some time to reflect on the five major things he thinks about Europe’s self-proclaimed largest fintech event…     1. Money 20/20 needs more banks to engage fintechs at the event, and for app usage to be a …Read More

You Are What You Eat

6 February 2018

Congratulations, blog fans! We’ve made it to the end (well almost, you have to read this one first). Now, if you’ve ever worked with or for a bank you’ll know that over the years that bank will have collected a lot of data. Loads of it. An amount I believe is scientifically referred to as …Read More

Ok, Data: It’s Couch To 5K Time

24 January 2018

As promised in the first blog on the topic, we’re taking a look at achievable New Year’s resolutions that are within reach, whether you’re a Chief Data Officer overseeing broad strategy or a subject matter expert using data day-to-day. This part takes “I need to exercise more” and turns it into “I need my data ready to deliver …Read More

Regrets, I’ve Had A Few

8 January 2018

As the last, empty box of chocolates goes into the (recycling) bin and the famous January Blue Monday slopes into view after the Season of Goodwill, it can often bring with it its unwelcome extra baggage: guilt! Many of us attempt to remedy this through some timely New Year’s Resolutions that tend to revolve around the following …Read More

Part 4: Making Data Governance deliver real-world results

9 June 2017

A few years ago, Heineken broadcast a classic Elephant-in-the-room advert where various groups of utility construction workers all agree to carry out their work at the same time, to “save digging up the road again and causing the public more inconvenience.”   It’s probably the dream of every road-weary traveller encountering another set of roadworks …Read More