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Why You Should Read The European Banking Authority Report on AI and Big Data

13 February 2020

    You might have missed this highly informative report from the European Banking Authority (EBA)  – because the title didn’t contain the popular buzzwords of Artificial Intelligence – AI or Machine Learning – ML (nor does the front cover have a picture of a robot!). But for anyone who is trying to understand the challenges ahead for …Read More

Automated AML Screening with Sanctions Match Engine

4 November 2019

If you are employed in the banking sector or if you must deal with large and messy datasets, you will probably face challenges derived from poor data quality, standardization and siloed information.  Datactics provides the tools to tackle these issues with minimum IT overhead, in a powerful and agile way.  . A growing number of …Read More

Run (E)DMC

21 February 2019

Towards the end of 2018, Presales Manager Luca Rovesti was invited to speak at the Enterprise Data Management Council (EDMC)’s expanded Member Briefing sessions. We took some time to catch up over an espresso in a caffè around the corner from his swanky new Presales Office in Milan (ok, it was over email) and asked …Read More

Is it too early? Or perhaps…

21 January 2019

We’re nearly into the second month of 2019 (already, I know!) time is flying but let’s not allow January’s hardest (Blue) Monday affect us! It’s time to check how those new year’s resolutions are coming along… Was your list too long? Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there but it’s all about setting smart goals …Read More

Who are you really doing business with?

4 January 2019

Match Enginefor Customer Onboarding. Challenges and facts from EU banking implementations.    Customer onboarding is one of the most critical entry points of new data for a bank’s counterparty information. References and interactions with internal systems, externally sourced information, KYC processes, regulatory reporting and risk aggregation are all impacted by the quality of information that …Read More

New York / Toronto / London / Madrid? Come and meet us!

16 October 2018

As usual, the final quarter of the year brings events a-plenty and the chance to meet up. The Datactics team will be spread far and wide, giving you the perfect opportunity to catch us in a nearby city for the latest on our data matching & quality solutions, and probably a fair few Belfast goodies! …Read More

New! One-Page Summary Sheets

16 March 2018

We’ve compressed the highlights of our three main products, Match Engine, Self-Service Data Quality, and Single Customer View, into handy one-page formats, perfect for reading on-the-go. You can download them here: Match Engine Self-Service Data Quality Single Customer View