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Who are you really doing business with?

4 January 2019

Entity Match Engine for Customer Onboarding. Challenges and facts from EU banking implementations.    Customer onboarding is one of the most critical entry points of new data for a bank’s counterparty information. References and interactions with internal systems, externally sourced information, KYC processes, regulatory reporting and risk aggregation are all impacted by the quality of …Read More

New York / Toronto / London / Madrid? Come and meet us!

16 October 2018

As usual, the final quarter of the year brings events a-plenty and the chance to meet up. The Datactics team will be spread far and wide, giving you the perfect opportunity to catch us in a nearby city for the latest on our data matching & quality solutions, and probably a fair few Belfast goodies! …Read More

New! One-Page Summary Sheets

16 March 2018

We’ve compressed the highlights of our three main products, Entity Match Engine, RegMetrics, and Single Customer View, into handy one-page formats, perfect for reading on-the-go. You can download them here: Entity Match Engine RegMetrics Single Customer View