AML Screening

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Automated AML Screening with Sanctions Match Engine

4 November 2019

If you are employed in the banking sector or if you must deal with large and messy datasets, you will probably face challenges derived from poor data quality, standardization and siloed information.  Datactics provides the tools to tackle these issues with minimum IT overhead, in a powerful and agile way.  . A growing number of …Read More

Multi-Language matching in Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and all non-Latin data sets

25 October 2019

Here at Datactics we’ve recently done a number of Multi-Language matching tasks helping people with Japanese, Russian Cyrillic and Arabic data sets. Multi-language matching can seem challenging, especially when presented with text that you don’t understand, but with the right techniques a lot can be achieved – the key is to really understand the problem …Read More

Datactics releases free Sanctions Matching Engine for AML & KYC

20 March 2019

Cloud-based tool cross-references against combined OFAC, EU and UK sanctions lists Belfast, London, New York, Brussels, Milan, 21st March 2019 In the latest demonstration of its powerful data matching capabilities, Belfast-based “RegTech” provider Datactics is today releasing a scalable, fast, fuzzy-matching tool to help AML teams with time-consuming sanctions screening work. This free, limited-use service …Read More