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The Company

Datactics data quality solutions equip the business user to build a unified, enhanced and accurate view of product, supplier, customer and financial data.

Company Overview

Use of Datactics software reduces manual data cleansing time and costs, creating faster time to market, driving revenue as well as reducing risk and costs. The company specializes in industries such as distribution, retail and manufacturing.

Datactics provides data consolidation and re-engineering software, including edit distance (fuzzy) matching, equipping the business user to access information held in multiple formats and languages, at blistering speed through massively parallel processing (MPP). Its user friendly qualities are unique and it handles large volumes of complex enterprise data with ease, even dealing with unstructured data.

Datactics software populates missing fields and realigns the data by parsing unstructured data and using adaptive master reference files, capturing the knowledge held by the data experts in your organization. Datactics has over 10 years experience in the data quality industry. The company has gained industry recognition as a visionary within the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools since 2007. Datactics has been recognized by Bloor Research and also by Information Difference in its Data Quality Landscape Report. Datactics has a strong portfolio of Fortune 500 customers and other leading organizations, with a worldwide partner vendor network.

Datactics Philosophy

“As a company we are passionate about the results our users can achieve by mastering the power of their data. We provide solutions that equip those who understand the data to re-engineer it, fix the issues and so drive revenue and save time as well as cost.”  Jon Brooks, CEO, Datactics.

Datactics is known for being punctual with project delivery, thus creating long standing relationships with its customers. Datactics works with customers to create new solutions that work in unison with existing applications within the company.

“We chose Datactics because of its Can Do attitude.  It has now delivered three projects on time and on budget.” Michael McGrath, Director, Global Sourcing, Hydraulics, Terex.

Datactics runs a training academy offering a full range of courses and provides 24/7 customer support. Experienced business data quality consultants are available to advise you on effective data quality management strategies and 'best fit' solutions.